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Discover the revolutionary enthusiasm of this ring

Ardor Loose Stone.jpg

Being the centre of focus in this divine ring is an orangy red spinel weighing 1.05ct from Tanzania. The irresistible eye-catching gemstone has not gone through any type of treatments, having its natural intense color and marvellous brilliance shown from within the stone.  


Of fire burning flame motif, this ring represents genuine enthusiasm and influential energy. Set at the centre with a pear shaped orangy red spinel, embellished by round melee diamonds, to the round brilliant-cut diamonds-set shank. Surrounded by the well-known, we celebrate the rare and the underestimated.

PICS Ardor
Ardor (Connotation).jpg

People starving and they’re crying 
People killing and they’re dying 
Indifference is our biggest enemy
Ignorance is sarcastically our cruellest weaponry
You think we can’t do everything right
But in fact we could be the light
Show sympathy, help with your ability
Shine on others around us not by category 
Ignite the inner fire and rewrite the whole story


From gemstone selection to final touch of polish, this simple yet powerful design is handmade by our experienced craftsmen. Realizing original concept without being exaggerated.

PICS Ardor.jpg
PICS Ardor
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