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Realm of Mien Peachy Pink Morganite Ring
Realm of Mien

Discover the beauty in simplicity.


To emphasize the simple yet content emotions, we have selected gemstones of triangular shaped with natural feminine colors. Ranging from peachy-pink morganite of Afghanistan origin to mysterious deep purple Sri Lankan spinel, from Merelani Mint Grossular Garnet to Namibian Blue Green Tourmaline. Their natural colors together with the lustre and brilliance are irresistible in the eyes of gem lovers.


Triangles - the basic building block in geometry - they are the smallest number of points needed to make a shape in the given dimension, abstracting the idea of building important things with essential components. Natural feminine colors represent the blissful state of mind when we understand the basics of life and natural rhythm.

PICS Realm of Mien
PICS Realm of Mien Ring.jpg

When story is unwrapped

When rarity is extraordinary

When simplicity exceeds complexity

When soul becomes content


Every natural gemstone is a perfect combination of art and science. And everything is created for a reason, so are the gems, so are the jewellery. Just like us all, unique and special, yet beautiful in our own ways!

PICS Realm of Mien
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