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PICS Dancing in the Dark.jpg
Dancing in the Dark

Discover the mysterious sparkles in the darkest moment

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Hand selected with strict criteria focusing on the colors, shape and lustres, only top quality spinel with dark colors are chosen for this collection to fully express the scene. Selected gemstones possess mysterious appearances, that when you look attentively, you will see the vividness coming from inside, implying the unrevealed secrets.


Each dangling with a pear shaped spinel with rich dark color, excellent clarity and lustres, linked to extraordinary rose-cut star shaped white diamond. 

PICS Dancing in the Dark.jpg
PICS Dancing in the Dark

Under the same sky

With stars up high

I was…

We were…

Let off the reasons I tried to hide

Rewrite all the teary eyed

I will be…

We will be…

PICS Dancing in the Dark.jpg

With the strict selection of gemstones and expert craftsmanship, this collection captures the subtle moment with their movements and sparkles.

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