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Discover the love with a flying balloon that flies between your fingers


Cutting gemstones in heart shaped can be challenging and symmetry plays a vital role. The two halves must be perfectly equal, the cleft and point should be sharp and distinct while the lobes, bellies and wings should be slightly rounded. Our gemologists and designers carefully selected these lively happy heart shaped tanzanite and pink sapphire, with vivid colors and excellent lustres, to be featured in this collection.

PICS Palloncino

True to the core value of PICS – love spreading, this collection is inspired by a flying balloon in a love-filled scene. Each piece is set with an exceptional heart shaped gemstone, embellished by top quality diamonds, to the twisted ring shank.


The moment that you were surrounded by unconditional love.

The moment that you believed in the meaningful message.

The moment that the balloon flew up to the sky together with your hopeful wishes.

PICS Palloncino
PICS Palloncino

To capture the moment perfectly, our designers attentively study the movements of flying balloons, and have it precisely designed and skilfully crafted in a way that the rings seemingly fly between fingers.

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