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PICS Heroic

Discover the fearless steps to reach the aspiration

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Unusual, bold, fancy, adventurous, these are just some of the words to describe PICS gems in this collection. All from Tanzanian origin, including kite shaped red spinel, shield shaped tsavorite garnet, parallelogram shaped pink spinel and fan shaped tanzanite of special cut with extraordinary quality. They are carefully selected by our gemmologists and designers, bright and sharp in color, bold and distinctive in shape.


Inspired by a devoted stage performing experience, each Heroic jewellery is set with an extraordinary colored gemstone as its centre of attention, sided by top quality rose-cut or special shaped diamonds representing an adventurous journey towards the main stage.

PICS Heroic
PICS Heroic

Turn your rage to courage

Step out from the cage

Who gets to decide who you are?

Who could judge you by the scar?

Step on the stage

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PICS Heroic

PICS focuses on minimalism without losing uniqueness. From sketch to gem selection, from gold melting to the final touches, each step is done by experienced skilled hands. We are proud of bringing abstract concepts into original designs without being excessive and exaggerated.

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