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Designed as rotatable cogwheels allowing wearer to move and play with the jewellery while wearing it. TOUCH collection is inspired by internal mechanical parts of watches. Each part and each cogwheel, regardless of its size, is vital in order for a watch to work properly. We might be small, just one of the billions of humans on Earth; yet we are all significant, every little thing that we do affects what happens around us. TOUCH collection invites us to feel our movements and intentions, to move others’ feelings and directions. 


Each cogwheel is precisely handmade to move one another, set with an exceptional brilliant-cut diamond and an unheated pink sapphire of sweet and playful color from Sri Lanka.


As no two gemstones are exactly the same, just like us all, and each piece of PICS Fine Jewellery is handmade mindfully by experienced skilled hands, each is one-of-a-kind and the look may slightly vary from piece to piece.

TOUCH Diamond and Pink Sapphire Pendant

Metal Type (Big Cogwheel)
Metal Type (Small Cogwheel)
  • Diamond: Approx. 0.06ct
    Pink Sapphire: Approx. 0.03ct
    Metal Type: 18K Gold
    Size: Approx. 20 x 20mm (Big); 12 x 12mm (Small)
    Adjustable, approx. 40cm and 45cm