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Anti-Money Laundering and

Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance

Chapter 615, Laws of Hong Kong

PICS is committed to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations to protect our clients, suppliers, partners and staff from the risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.


From 10 January 2024 onwards, Category A registration is granted to PICS to carry on a precious metals and stones business that includes the carrying out of specified transactions but excludes the carrying out of specified cash transactions.

Registration No.: A-B-24-01-04371

"There is always an easier route. But nope. Thank you!"
- Catherine Siu, the founder of PICS Fine Jewellery



Genuinely  beautiful - In the world full of different types of "short-cuts" to achieve one's wants, we hold true to our core values not only through the ways of how we do business, but also through our creating process.

With Catherine's hands-on approach from sketch to gemstone cutting, from gems evaluating to bench work, she spends most of her time turning her thoughts into reality with the core value of seeing the true beauty, making sure each of her jewellery piece inspires.


Dancing in the Dark collection - showing the mysterious sparkles in the dark world

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