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Mother's Choice 2019 Gala Dinner

Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. They join hands with our community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies. Their vision is to see every child in a loving family.

Each year, thousands of teenage girls face crisis pregnancy with no support, and thousands of children are in need of a family for a number of reasons including neglect, abuse, abandonment, or family breakdown. Mother's Choice helps the most vulnerable in our community by providing high-quality services for children, youth and families, and actively providing ways to prevent the problem.

Dripping Sweetness DP000007 (For Ad) RGB

It is our honour to be part of this fundraising event for Mother’s Choice during the gala dinner in May 2019, with the aim to help vulnerable teenagers and children in Hong Kong. We are even more excited to know that the successful bidder, of this pendant from our Dripping Sweetness collection, actually pledged almost double the amount of what he originally bid for.


The true beauty is that when you understand and appreciate the uncommon and differences. Just as how you cherish this unique bluish green tourmaline and comprehend the meaning behind this necklace.

Gala Booklet 2019 P.53.jpg
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