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Abstrusely implying the fascinating details in high-context culture, the necklace is skilfully handmade to be worn in four different ways.


With a unique natural gemstone, black onyx, sitting in a hollow designed mounting, you may choose to show the entire gem to represent explicit thoughts, or as you flip it upside down, you may have the gem partly hidden and partly visible to express implicit feelings. Embellished by a patterned frame on one side and diamonds on the other, expressing a subtle multifaceted personality of oriental culture.


As no two gemstones are exactly the same, just like us all, and each piece of PICS Fine Jewellery is handmade mindfully by experienced skilled hands, each is one-of-a-kind and the look may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Orient Black Onyx and Diamond Pendant

Metal Type
  • Black Onyx: Approx. 8mm x 8mm
    Diamonds: Total approx. 0.25ct
    Metal Type: 18K Rose Gold
    Size: Approx. 18mm (W) x 24mm (L)
    Length: Approx. 40cm