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​Registration of Trade Mark

PICS trade marks are officially registered under Trade Marks Ordinance (Chapter 559) in Hong Kong in Jan 2022. 

PICS Trade Mark

"PICS is started by me, but it is a much bigger picture with all of you."
- Catherine Siu, the founder of PICS Fine Jewellery


PICS - HR004PSP - Heroic
PICS - HR003TSR - Heroic

We invite you to copy our core values into your work and your life, that is seeing true beauty with wisdom - appreciating the uniqueness and differences of each different individuals, bringing out the beauty of the uncommon, of the minorities and the neglected by supporting them.


You cannot find two gems that are exactly the same, as unique as we all are, there is no gemstone more precious than one another. And there is no way you can create identical jewellery by hands. There is no jewellery superior to other pieces if it means nothing to you. With each different natural gemstone set in a handcrafted mounting that is created in a traditional manner, the idea of "uniqueness" blends perfectly into the jewellery piece.

We might not be able to change the world at the snap of a finger, but we can change ourselves and make a positive influence to others. Everything starts small and you will never know what it will become.

PICS - Heroic Loose Stone.jpg

Explore our exclusive gemstones in Heroic collection.

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